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MB CREAM MIRACLEBURN 3 oz Break Down Fat, Tighten Loose Skin, Remove Inches from Butt, Thighs, StomachMiracleburn Cream contains a very concentrated form of Organic Caffeine, which has been shown to attack fat cells. It also contains an Organic Lecithin which enhances the fat burning capabilities of the natural caffeine.

You may be wondering why every cream doesn’t put ‘Organic Caffeine’ in the formula to help people tone up. The reason is because it won’t do anything at all by simply adding it as an ingredient.

What separates Miracleburn Cream® from other products is that it uses a patented delivery technology that takes the organic caffeine thru the skin and directly into the fat cells. It then dehydrates the fat cells for accelerated metabolizing. This is a truly a scientifically advanced formula that delivers rapid results.

When an effective form is used and delivered into the fat cells effectively, it has been proven that topically applied Caffeine is very powerful in burning fat permanently. Clinical studies have shown that it is far superior in weight loss for caffeine to be applied directly to the skin than it is to drink it. In fact, drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages can increase weight loss by increasing your metabolism quickly and then drastically lowering the rate it burns calories once the caffeine wears of or you ‘come down’ from the buzz. The caffeine in Miracleburn Cream® has been proven to not make the metabolism fluctuate and thus avoids the negative side effects of a caffeine ‘come down’.

Miracleburn Cream® also contains healthy skin ingredients that sooth and moisturize such as Organic Aloe Vera and Organic Safflower Nut Oil. Another amazing thing about the patented Liposome Delivery Technology is that it only leaves the skin moisturizes and nutrients on the surface, and not the caffeine. The Organic Caffeine and lecithin are the only ingredients carried thru the skin and into the fat cells.


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